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Frictionless Sale

Imagine a digital sales room for each of your deals, curated specifically for your prospects' needs. SalesBrief analyzes the prospects that are most interested in your story, and delivers the content that will get them to sign on the dotted line.

A platform built for growth.



Win ratios go up and sales cycles go down when you articulate your company’s value. Communicate with prospects on their terms with transparency and access to the details that matter.



Productivity soars when sales reps execute company best practices consistently. You’ll be ready to grow the sales team when you load content into SalesBrief and watch every rep execute flawlessly.



Actions speak louder than words. Know which prospects are serious buyers by tracking how frequently they view your content in SalesBrief. Use actions to calculate deal probabilities and improve your forecasting.

Work Smart. Not Hard.

​​Marketing collateral and sales proposals are easier to find and faster to deliver using SalesBrief. What’s more, SalesBrief tells you when the deal will close so you don’t have to guess. Now that’s clever!